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Professor Sue Backhouse

Professor Sue Backhouse
Contact Details
Professor Sue Backhouse

Director of Research

Carnegie School Of Sport

0113 81 24684 S.Backhouse@leedsbeckett.ac.uk

About Professor Sue Backhouse

Sue is Professor of Psychology and Nutrition, Head of the Centre for Human Performance and Director of Research for Sport and Exercise Science, Leisure and Tourism. She graduated from Loughborough University with a BSc (Hons) in Physical Education and Sports Science at Loughborough University, for which she was awarded the Department prize for outstanding achievement. Following this, Susan completed her PhD with Professor Clyde Williams and Professor Stuart Biddle at Loughborough University. Susan joined Leeds Beckett University in 2003.

Sue leads the sporting integrity research team at Leeds Beckett University, conducting research that addresses the complexity of doping in sport by investigating the issue from multiple stakeholder perspectives using an interdisciplinary lens. With a focus on implementation, Sue and her team strive to bring about change in the anti-doping system through the development of strong partnerships and evidence-informed interventions.

Examples of recently funded projects include two cross-cultural interventions to prevent doping in sport (RE>ACT and CoachMADE) and two Erasmus+ funded collaborative projects (FAIR and RESPECT). Sue is an active member of the clean sport community, serving as a member of the WADA Social Science Research Committee, Convenor of the British Association of Sport and Exercise Science Clean Sport Interest Group and Co-Founder of the Clean Sport Alliance. Sue is regularly invited to give keynote lectures at international conferences.

Sue is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Authority, Fellow of the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences (BASES) and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society.

Current Teaching

  • Contribute to undergraduate and postgraduate taught provisio
  • Supervise postgraduate research students
  • Supervise trainee sport and exercise psychologists (British Psychological Society Qualification in Sport and Exercise Psychology Stage 2)

Research Interests

Current funded research projects:

  • Research-Embedded Strategic Plan for Anti-Doping Education: Clean Sport Alliance Initiative for Tackling Doping (RESPECT) (EU ERASMUS+)
  • Blowing the whistle on doping in sport through evidence-informed policy making (World Anti-Doping Agency)
  • Towards a Vision for Prevention: Testing the feasibility and efficacy of a Clean Sport Bystander Intervention Program (RE>ACT) (International Olympic Committee)
  • Forum for Anti-Doping in Recreational Sport (FAIR) (EU ERASMUS+)
  • An Intervention to Optimize Motivational Climates and Prevent Current and Future Willingness to Dope in Adolescent Sport: A Cross-Cultural Project (International Olympic Committee)
  • The interactive effects of moral identity and moral disengagement on doping: An experimental investigation (World Anti-Doping Agency)

Selected Publications

Journal articles (41)

  • Bentley M; Mitchell N; Sutton L; Backhouse SH (In press), Sports nutritionists' perspectives on enablers and barriers to nutritional adherence in high performance sport: a qualitative analysis informed by the COM-B model and theoretical domains framework. Journal of Sports Sciences
    View Repository Record
  • Allen H; Backhouse S; Hull J; Price OJ (2019), Anti‐doping Policy, Therapeutic Use Exemption and Medication Use in Athletes with Asthma: A Narrative Review and Critical Appraisal of Current Regulations. Sports Medicine
    View Repository Record
  • Erickson KL; Patterson L; Backhouse S (2018), "The process isn't a case of report it and stop": Athletes' lived experience of whistleblowing on doping in sport. Sport Management Review
    View Repository Record
  • Ntoumanis N; Gucciardi D; Backhouse SH; Barkoukis V; Quested E; Patterson L; Smith B; Whitaker L; Pavlidis G; Kaffe S (2018), An Intervention to Optimize Coach Motivational Climates and Reduce Athlete Willingness to Dope (CoachMADE): Protocol for a Cross-Cultural Cluster Randomized Control Trial. Frontiers in Psychology
    View Repository Record
  • Staff H; Didymus FF; Backhouse S (2017), The Antecedents and Outcomes of Dyadic Coping in Close Personal Relationships: A Systematic Review and Narrative Synthesis. Anxiety, Stress and Coping
    View Repository Record
  • Whitaker L; Backhouse SH; Long J (2017), Doping vulnerabilities, rationalisations and contestations: The lived experience of national level athletes. Performance Enhancement and Health, vol. 5 (4)
    View Repository Record
  • Backhouse SH; Griffiths C; McKenna J (2017), Tackling doping in sport: a call to take action on the dopogenic environment. British Journal of Sports Medicine
    View Repository Record
  • Erickson KL; Backhouse SH; Carless D (2017), "I don't know if I would report them": Student-athletes' thoughts, feelings and anticipated behaviours on blowing the whistle on doping in sport.. Psychology of Sport and Exercise, vol. 30
    View Repository Record
  • Nicholls A; Madigan D; Backhouse SH; Levy A (2017), Personality traits and performance enhancing drugs: The Dark Triad and doping attitudes among competitive athletes.. Personality and Individual Differences, vol. 112
    View Repository Record
  • Staff H; Didymus FF; Backhouse SH (2017), Coping Rarely Takes Place in a Social Vacuum: Exploring Dyadic Coping in Coach-Athlete Relationships. Psychology of Sport and Exercise
    View Repository Record
  • Erickson KL; Backhouse SH; Carless D (2017), Doping In Sports: Do Parents Matter?. Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology, vol. 6 (2), p. 115-128.
    View Repository Record
  • Duckworth LC; Backhouse SH; O'Hara JP; Stevenson EJ (2017), Effect of Galactose Ingestion Before and During Exercise on Substrate Oxidation, Postexercise Satiety, and Subsequent Energy Intake in Females.. Journal of the American College of Nutrition, vol. 35 (1), p. 1-12.
    View Repository Record
  • Dohme L; Backhouse SH; Piggott D; Morgan G (2016), Categorizing and Defining Popular Psychological Terms Used Within the Youth Athlete Talent Development Literature: A Systematic Review. International Review of Sport and Exercise Psychology
    View Repository Record
  • Whitaker L; Backhouse SH (2016), Doping in sport: An analysis of sanctioned UK rugby union players between 2009 and 2015. Journal of Sports Sciences
    View Repository Record
  • Whitaker L; Petroczi A; Backhouse S; Long J; Nepusz T (2016), The role of the Self in assessing doping cognition: Implicit and explicit measures of athletes' doping-related prototype perceptions. Psychology of Sport and Exercise, vol. 24
    View Repository Record
  • Erickson K; Backhouse SH; Carless D (2016), "The ripples are big": Storying the impact of doping in sport beyond the sanctioned athlete. Psychology of Sport and Exercise
    View Repository Record
  • Till K; Jones B; McKenna J; Whitaker L; Backhouse SH (2016), The search for size: A doping risk factor in adolescent rugby?. British Journal of Sports Medicine, vol. 50 (4), p. 203-204.
    View Repository Record
  • Patterson L; Backhouse SH; Duffy P (2016), Anti-doping education for coaches: Qualitative insights from national and international sporting and anti-doping organisations. Sport Management Review, vol. 19
    View Repository Record
  • Mazanov J; Hemphill D; Connor J; Quirk F; Backhouse SH (2015), Australian athlete support personnel lived experience of anti-doping. Sport Management Review, vol. 18 (2), p. 218-230.
    View Repository Record
  • Whitaker L; Long J; Petróczi A; Backhouse SH (2014), Using the prototype willingness model to predict doping in sport. Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports, vol. 24 (5), p. e398-405.
    View Repository Record
  • Petróczi A; Dodge T; Backhouse SH; Adesanwo C (2014), Review of the Literature on Negative Health Risks Based Interventions to Guide Anabolic Steroid Misuse Prevention. Performance Enhancement and Health
    View Repository Record
  • Ntoumanis N; Ng J; Barkourkis V; Backhouse SH (2014), Personal and Psychosocial Predictors of Doping Use in Physical Activity Settings: A Meta-Analysis. Sports Medicine, vol. 44 (11), p. 1603-1624.
    View Repository Record
  • Patterson LB; Duffy PJ; Backhouse SH (2014), Are Coaches Anti-Doping? Exploring Issues of Engagement With Education and Research.. Substance Use and Misuse
    View Repository Record
  • Erickson K; McKenna J; Backhouse S (2014), A Qualitative Analysis of the Factors That Protect Athletes Against Doping in Sport.. Psychology of Sport & Exercise., vol. 16 (2), p. 149-155.
    View Repository Record
  • Whitaker L; Long J; Backhouse S (2014), Reporting doping in sport: National level athletes' perceptions of their role in doping prevention.. Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports
    View Repository Record
  • Duckworth LC; Backhouse SH; Stevenson EJ (2013), The effect of galactose ingestion on affect and perceived exertion in recreationally active females. Appetite, vol. 71 (1), p. 252-258.
    View Repository Record
  • Mazanov J; Backhouse SH; Connor J; Hemphill D; Quirk F (2013), Athlete Support Personnel and Anti-Doping: Knowledge, Attitudes and Ethical Stance. Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports, vol. 24 (5), p. 846-856.
    View Repository Record
  • Backhouse SH; Whitaker L; Petróczi A (2013), Gateway to doping? Supplement use in the context of preferred competitive situations, doping attitude, beliefs, and norms.. Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports, vol. 23 (2), p. 244-252.
    View Repository Record
  • Duckworth L; Backhouse SH; Stevenson E (2013), Effect of Galactose Ingestion before and during exercise on affect and perceived exertion. Appetite
  • Whitaker L; Long JA; Petroczi A; Backhouse SH (2012), Athletes Perceptions of Performance Enhancing Substance User and Non-user Prototypes. Performance Enhancement & Health, vol. 1 (1), p. 28-34.
  • Backhouse SH; Patterson L; McKenna J (2012), Achieving the Olympic ideal: Preventing doping in sport. Performance Enhancement and Health, vol. 1 (2), p. 83-85.
  • Nicholls A; McKenna J; Pohlam R; Backhouse SH (2011), Overtraining during Preseason: Stress and negative affective states among professional rugby union players. Journal of Clinical Sport Psychology, vol. 5 (3), p. 211-222.
    View Repository Record
  • Backhouse SH; McKenna J (2011), Doping in sport: A review of medical practitioners' knowledge, attitudes and beliefs. International Journal of Drug Policy, vol. 22 (3), p. 198-202.
    View Repository Record
  • Backhouse SH; Biddle SJH; Bishop NC; Williams C (2011), Caffeine ingestion, affect and perceived exertion during prolonged cycling. Appetite, vol. 57 (1), p. 247-252.
  • Nicholls AR; Polman RCJ; Levy AR; Backhouse SH (2009), Mental toughness in sport: Achievement level, gender, age, experience, and sport type differences. Personality and Individual Differences, vol. 47 (1), p. 73-75.
  • Nicholls AR; Backhouse SH; Polman RC; McKenna J (2009), Stressors and affective states among professional rugby union players.. Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports, vol. 19 (1), p. 121-128.
  • Petróczi A; Mazanov J; Nepusz T; Backhouse SH; Naughton DP (2008), Comfort in big numbers: Does over-estimation of doping prevalence in others indicate self-involvement?. Journal of Occupational Medicine and Toxicology, vol. 3 (1)
  • Backhouse SH; Biddle SJH; Ekkekakis P; Foskett A; Williams C (2007), Exercise makes People feel better but People are Inactive: Paradox or artefact?. Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, vol. 29 (4), p. 498-517.
  • Backhouse SH; Stevenson E; Nute M; Williams C (2007), Effect of the Glycaemic Index of a Breakfast on Metabolic Responses to Brisk Walking in Females. European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, vol. 61 (5), p. 590-596.
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  • Backhouse SH; Biddle SH; Williams C; Bishop NC (2005), Effects of Carbohydrate and Prolonged Exercise on Affect and Perceived Exertion. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, vol. 37 (10), p. 1768-1773.

Chapters (1)

  • Ekkekakis P; Backhouse S (2014) Physical activity and feeling good. In: Ekkekakis P; Backhouse S Routledge companion to sport and exercise psychology: Global perspectives and fundamental concepts. : Routledge, pp. 687-704.

Conference contributions (1)

  • Jackson A; Allen H; Hull J; Backhouse S; Hopker J; Price OJ; Dickinson J (2019) Over or under-detection? A comparison of exercise and eucapnic voluntary hyperpnoea challenges in the evaluation of exercise-induced bronchoconstriction Lisbon 20190601. : Wiley.
    View Repository Record

Reports (5)

  • Backhouse S; Whitaker L; Patterson L; Erickson K; McKenna J (2016) Social Psychology of Doping in Sport: A Mixed Studies Narrative Synthesis. . Montreal Canada: World Anti-Doping Agency.
    View Repository Record
  • Backhouse SH; Collins C; Defoort Y; McNamee M; Parkinson A; Sauer M; Brissonneau C; Christensen A; Dikic N; Hauw D (2014) Study on Doping Prevention: A map of Legal, Regulatory and Prevention Practice Provisions in EU 28. . Luxembourg: European Commission.
    View Repository Record
  • Ntoumanis N; Ng J; Barkoukis V; Backhouse S (2013) A statistical synthesis of the literature on personal and situational variables that predict doping in physical activity settings.. . World Anti-Doping Agency.
    View Repository Record
  • Backhouse S; McKenna J; Patterson L (2009) Prevention through education: A review of current international social science literature: A focus on the prevention of bullying, tobacco, alcohol and social drug use in children, adolescents and young adults. . World Anti-Doping Agency.
    View Repository Record
  • Backhouse SH; McKenna J; Robinson SJ (2006) Attitudes, Behaviours, Knowledge and Education - Drugs in Sports: Past, present and future. . World Anti-Drugs Agency.
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