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Studying at University with a Mental Illness

Studying at university with a mental illness

I’m Em, I’m a third-year student studying Sports Development, and I suffer from anxiety and depression. In this blog i'm going to talk about my experiences accessing support at university. 

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The benefits of sport at university title page

The benefits of sport at university

Hi, I’m Molly and in this blog I’m going to talk a bit about why sport at university is so important and why you should get involved. I have been involved with the kayak club for the last two years. Being a part of the club has really enhanced my life whilst at university and in this blog I will tell you why.

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student vlog

Vlog: Benefits of attending an Applicant Day

Hi, I'm Keely and in this vlog i'm going to tell you all about my experience at an Applicant Day and why it's beneficial to attend.

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student vlog

Vlog: Differences between Open Days and Applicant Days

Hi, I'm Will and in this vlog I explain the difference between Open Days and Applicant Days and why it's important to attend both.

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15 places to relax and have fun in Leeds

Our journalism students tell us where they go to chill out when it’s time to close their laptops and leave the library.

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UCAS Application: Top Five Tips

Hi, I’m Albina and here are my tips for UCAS Applications. After applying through UCAS I received three unconditional offers and chose Leeds Beckett.

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Sustainable Winter

How to be Sustainable in Winter

Hi, I'm Suyin. I have a few tips and tricks on how we can all enjoy Christmas while ensuring we are also being planet friendly.

World Kindness Day Text

Vlog: World Kindness Day

Hi, we're Molly and Katie and in this vlog we are sharing our stories about random acts of kindness we have experienced at university and sharing ideas of how you can spread kindness too.

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Spooky house with text overlay "Top 5 spooky place in Leeds by Keely"

Top five spooky places in Leeds

This Spook-tober I'm going to introduce some scary-cool places that you can visit in Leeds.

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Pumpkins with text overlay "A guide to Halloween in Leeds by Molly"

A guide to Halloween in Leeds

As a student, Halloween Is one of the most important nights out of the year. So it’s important to get it right! Part of Halloween is to get dressed up and put a costume on! Here are some of my top tips to make your Halloween one to remember!

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Cityscape image with text over "House Hunting by Keely"

House Hunting

When house hunting there are many questions flying through your head: who am I going to live with, how many people are going to live in the house, which company am I going to use, are the bills included? And the most important question, where am I going to live?

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Vlog - Leeds Light Night by Izzy

Vlog: Leeds Light Night

Hi, I'm Izzy and I'm showing you what you can get up to at Leeds Light Night, one of the biggest cultural events in the city.

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Will - The study abroad application process tile

Applying to Study Abroad

The opportunity to study in a country and experience a new culture was too appealing to turn down.

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Will - Accommodation in western Sydney tile

My Accommodation in Western Sydney

Messy? Poor flatmates? Faulty appliances? These are just some of the issues university accommodations often get associated with. For me it has been the opposite.

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Leyla - International welcome week tips

Vlog: International Welcome Week tips by Leyla

Hi I'm Leyla and is this vlog I'll be giving you some tips on British customs and what to expect if you're moving to the UK for your studies

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The Great Ocean Road by Hannah title

The Great Ocean Road

Last weekend with three uni friends I took the road trip of a lifetime along The Great Ocean Road of Australia.

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My Clearing experience by Alex

Vlog: My Clearing experience by Alex

Hi i'm Alex and in this vlog i'll be talking all about how I came to Leeds Beckett through Clearing and how easy I found the whole thing!

My journey from Clearing to graduation by Gaz

My journey from Clearing to graduation

Hi, I’m Gaz and I recently graduated from Leeds Beckett after studying Computer Forensics and Security. I originally came through Clearing and now, after achieving a first class honours I’m just about to start my Graduate job at BT. This is my experience of Clearing and studying at Leeds Beckett.

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My commuting experience by Laura

My Commuting Experience

Hello! My name is Laura, I’m a 32-year-old mature student at Leeds Beckett University and I’m just going to tell you a bit about my experience of being a commuting student.

How to travel on a student budget by Hannah

How to travel on a student budget

As a student it is easy to think that debt and loans prevent you from travelling. However the study abroad programme at Leeds Beckett enables students to travel and study at the same time in such a way that it may not cost as much as you think. There are also ways of saving money so that you can travel on a budget. Here are a few tips I have picked up as an exchange student.

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how to travel and be a successful student by Hannah

How to travel AND be a successful student

Before coming to Australia I had been both travelling and been a student for 1 ½ years, but I had never been both at the same time. Combining travelling and studying in the study abroad programme uses a different set of skills that I have had to perfect in order to make the most of my time here, without falling behind with uni work. Here are a few tips on how to be a successful student and explore the world, for those of you who are considering studying abroad.

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My experience of applying through clearing by Simeon

My experience of applying through Clearing

Hi, I’m Sim and I’m a final year Marketing & Advertising Management student at Leeds Beckett University. If you are worried about what to do after A-levels or wanting to start University later on in life and want to know more about applying through Clearing, then read on.

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Wellness and staying healthy in Leeds over the summer by Chelsea

Wellness and Staying Healthy in Leeds Over Summer

Hi I’m Chelsea.

Now that exams are over, and hopefully with no resits to consider, the focus now shifts to your summer holidays. Whether you’re lucky enough to be out enjoying the sunshine, or if you have to work, these tips will help you make the most of your time and leave you feeling refreshed and ready for the next academic year.

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my experience of going through clearing by Ryan

My experience of going through Clearing

Hi, I’m Ryan and I have just completed my second year in English Literature at Leeds Beckett University! I am going to be talking about my experiences of going through Clearing, and how I found myself to be studying at Leeds Beckett.

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Vlog cooking a cheap healthy student meal by Izzy

Vlog: Cooking a healthy student meal

Hi, I'm Izzy and I want to show you a quick and healthy stir fry recipe that's perfect for students!

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Interview with a Leeds Beckett graduate by Dorothy

An interview with a Leeds Beckett graduate

Hi there, my name is Dorothy and I’m in my final year at Leeds Beckett University! I’ve interviewed a former Leeds Beckett student to help you get a taste of what life is really like after university…

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Is failing alevels the end of the world by Dorothy

Is failing A-levels the end of the world?

Hi! My name is Dorothy and I’m in my final year at Leeds Beckett University. Failing A-levels is not the end of the world, even though it may feel like it. If results day doesn’t go to plan, it’s important to stay calm and think of the next viable step. To help, I’ve put together some of my top tips below…

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5 reasons I've enjoyed studying at Leeds Beckett by Ben

Five reasons I've enjoyed studying at Leeds Beckett

Hi, I'm Ben. This is a quick-fire list of the top five reasons I’ve enjoyed my time at Leeds Beckett University (just on a quick side note, there are many more than just five reasons!)

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Reflecting on my exchange to New York by Elettra

Reflecting on my exchange in New York

Hi, I'm Elettra. Now that I'm back from my semester in New York, I wanted to reflect on my experience.

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My Clearing Experience by Antonia

My Clearing experience

Hi, I'm Antonia and here's my experience of finding my place at Leeds Beckett via clearing.

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