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Professor Paul Gately

Professor Paul Gately
Contact Details
Professor Paul Gately


Carnegie School Of Sport

0113 81 23579 P.Gately@leedsbeckett.ac.uk

About Professor Paul Gately

Paul has been at the helm of MoreLife since it was established at Leeds Beckett University in 1999 and it is now one of the largest specialist training and services provider for tackling childhood and adult obesity. MoreLife’s research was commended as an impact case study for the 2014 Research Excellence Framework (REF).

Paul has led a broad range of innovative obesity research from understanding the influence of obesogenic environments to the impact of high protein diets on obese children, always conducted with the needs of service users at the heart of his research activities. With a strong focus on the link between research and practice, he believes this approach has never been more important. In addition, Paul and colleagues contribute to policy and practice development in the public, private and not for profit sectors in the areas of obesity, nutrition and physical activity. He has secured contracts worth over £20 million from the NHS and Local Authorities and has acted as a principal investigator for £5million worth of grants from charities and research funding agencies.

Selected Publications

Journal articles (11)

  • Griffiths C; Gately P; Marchant PR; Cooke CB (2013), Response to 'area-level deprivation and adiposity in children: Is the relationship linear?'
    View Repository Record
  • Hobkirk JP; King RF; Gately P; Pemberton P; Smith A; Barth JH; Harman N; Davies I; Carroll S (2013), The predictive ability of triglycerides and waist (hypertriglyceridemic waist) in assessing metabolic triad change in obese children and adolescents
    View Repository Record
  • Gately PJ; Curtis C (2013), Implementing behaviour change for healthier lifestyles in obese children
  • Griffiths C; Marchant P; Gately P; Cooke CB (2012), Cross Sectional Comparisons of Body Mass Index and Waist Circumference in British Children: Mixed Public Health Messages
  • Hobkirk JP; King RF; Gately P; Pemberton P; Smith A; Barth JH; Carroll S (2012), Longitudinal Factor Analysis Reveals a Distinct Clustering of Cardiometabolic Improvements During Intensive, Short-Term Dietary and Exercise Intervention in Obese Children and Adolescents
    View Repository Record
  • Hester JR; McKenna J; Gately PJ (2010), Obese young people's accounts of intervention impact.
  • O'Donovan G; Blazevich AJ; Boreham C; Cooper AR; Crank H; Ekelund U; Fox KR; Gately P; Giles-Corti B; Gill JMR (2010), The ABC of physical activity for health: A consensus statement from the British association of sport and exercise sciences
  • O'Donovan G; Blazevich AJ; Boreham C; Cooper AR; Crank H; Ekelund U; Fox K; Gately PJ; Giles-Mutrie B; Reilly JJ (2010), The ABC of physical activity for health: a concensus staement from the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences
  • Radley D; Cooke CB; Fuller NJ; Oldroyd B; Truscott JG; Coward WA; Wright A; Gately PJ (2009), Validity of foot-to-foot bio-electrical impedance analysis body composition estimates in overweight and obese children
  • Duckworth LC; Gately PJ; Radley D; Cooke CB; King RFGJ; Hill A (2009), RCT of a high-protein diet on hunger, motivation and weight-loss in obese children: An extension and replication
  • King RFGJ; Hobkirk JP; Cooke CB; Radley D; Gately PJ (2008), Low-density lipoprotein sub-fraction profiles in obese children before and after attending a residential weight loss intervention

Conference proceedings (peer reviewed) (2)

  • Hester JR; McKenna J; Gately PJ (2009) Discussing lifestyle behaviours with obese children. In: . : , pp. 62-66.
  • Hester J; McKenna J; Gately PJ (2007) Discussing Lifestyle Behaviours with Obese Children. In: . : , pp. 196.
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