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Dr Nikos

Current research projects involve the composition of new electroacoustic multi-channel works that address in practice aesthetic considerations regarding the articulation of acoustic space as a carrier of musical structure. The body of work aims to demonstrate the temporal shaping of spatial parameters alongside the shaping of timbre, pitch, amplitude and duration in musical structures.

The use and development of  multi-channel composition techniques provide the means for more accurate control over spatially articulated sonic environments and the opportunity to underline intrinsic, spectral, and extrinsic space of sound objects. The purpose of the work is to investigate how command over broad spatial motion and immersive acoustic spaces accommodates structural relationships, not only between spatial profiles of different sound objects but also by emphasising or generating dynamic spectromorphology and character of individual structural elements.

Nikos Stavropoulos studied piano, harmony and counterpoint at the National School of Music and Nakas conservatoire in Greece. In 2000 he graduated from the Music Department of the University of Wales, Bangor where he was awarded an MMus in electroacoustic composition studying with Dr Andrew Lewis. In 2005 he completed a PhD at the University of Sheffield Sound Studios with Dr Adrian Moore specializing in tape composition in stereo and multi channel formats, as well as music for video and live electronics.

His work ranges from instrumental to tape and mixed media. He has composed music for video and dance and his music has been awarded mentions and prizes at international competitions. He joined the Music, Sound and Performance Group at our University in 2006 and is a founding member of the Echochroma New Music Research Group.

  • Creative Music Skills
  • Composition Techniques
  • Electroacoustic Composition
  • Electroacoustic Music
  • Creative Sound Design
  • Spatial Audio
  • Research Practice
  • Project Evaluation / Project Implementation
  • Professional Industry Practice

Selected Publications

Journal articles (2)

  • Ash K; Stavropoulos N (2012), Stochastic processes in the musification of cellular automata: A case study of the Livecell project
  • Behringer R; Stansbie A; Stavropoulos N; Ward M (2009), Information Computing Technology (ICT) for Music Composition and Seamless Performance Interfaces

Compositions (7)

  • Stavropoulos N (2016), Topophilia
  • Stavropoulos N (2016), Granicus
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  • Stavropoulos N (2015), Balllistichory
  • Stavropoulos N; Toth A (2014), Elegeia
  • Ash K; Stavropoulos N (2011), Livecell
  • Stavropoulos N (2009), Nyctinasty (Acousmatic composition / fixed media)
  • Stavropoulos N (2008), Epitaxy

Conference proceedings (peer reviewed) (1)

  • Stavropoulos N (2007) Multi-channel formats in electroacoustic composition: Acoustic space as a carrier of musical structure. In: 4th Sound and Music Computing Conference Lefkada, Greece 11/07/2007 00:00:00. : , pp. .
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