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Dr Helen Staff secures International Olympic Committee Support

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has awarded Leeds Beckett Post-Graduate Research Fellow, Dr Helen Staff, with an Early Career Academics Research Grant. Dr Staff will explore the barriers and enablers of parent clean sport behaviour to help inform the implementation of targeted and tailored parent-focused clean sport interventions globally.

Carnegie School of Sport researchers

Clean Sport Week 2020 Spotlight on Carnegie Researchers

Clean Sport Week 2020 runs from 18-24 May and is led by the UK Anti-Doping Agency (UKAD). The campaign aims to engage the sporting community in efforts to prevent doping in sport, and it will see athletes, coaches, clubs, and governing bodies take to social media and other online platforms to share their stories and promote their services.

Members of the Protecting Sporting Integrity and Welfare (PROSPER) Research Group (pictured below), in the Carnegie School of Sport at Leeds Beckett University, are proud to be supporting Clean Sport Week.

Meagan Botha and Jonathan Brownlee

Inspired by the Brownlee Brothers, South African student – Meagan - journeys to the UK to study at Carnegie

Meagan Botha shares with us how her determination has brought her from South Africa to the UK, and to Leeds Beckett University to study BSc (Hons) Science of Sport Performance foundation year course, in order to pursue her dream career of becoming a Performance Lifestyle Advisor. 


Working from Home Online

On a mild Monday evening, staff were informed studies were to be suspended for a week. The remainder of the semester was to be online starting the following Monday.


Students adapt to the new normal

Although the task of finishing the semester so students can progress has been a main aim of the past few weeks - something else stood out – how much our staff team really care. They care about one another, about our students and about the University in general. Further, students care too! You can hear them share their experiences and top tips in this video.

Rachael Lax

A Journey Back to Education

Years after leaving education, Rachael Lax shares with us how she returned to university to study BSc (Hons) Sport Studies (Top-Up) at Leeds Beckett University, in order to pursue her dream career of becoming a teacher.

Horse Racing

Horseracing's Time to Act?

As COVID-19 brings the world to a halt, within the United Kingdom (UK) horseracing is at the centre of discussions.

Alex Bond

Maths or Money: Should mathematics decide the end of the Premier League?

COVID-19 has brought the world to its knees. Significant questions have been asked, from governmental preparedness to the depth of Donald Trump’s christianity. Similarly, big questions are being asked of the sports industry, especially football, which seems to be receiving intensive scrutiny.

Releasing Adaptive Capacity and Physical Activity Habits: Preparing for life after COVID-19

As the global lockdown response to the COVID-19 pandemic continues, social isolation is essential. In day-to-day function so too is maintaining physical distance from others. Yet, UK residents are encouraged to remain active once a day. Has this “exercise allocation” released our adaptive capacity regarding physical activity (PA)?


Working in an unfamiliar context

Working in an unfamiliar context can be unsettling. It can leave us lacking the routines we normally deploy to make us more purposeful. In many ways that underlines what it might be wise for all of us to consider doing in the coming days to make the best of the lockdown.

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