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Student packing things for university into her car, with parents in the background

Parents' Perspective

Supporting your son or daughter through
their university journey

We'll support them
We'll support them Right Arrow
It might be a parent’s prerogative to worry, but rest assured that we have a number of support services in place should your son or daughter ever need them.
Harvinder and Pav
Harvinder and Pav Right Arrow
When Harvinder Bharaj and her family moved to England from Kenya in 2008 she was determined to ensure her two sons had the opportunity to do something she never did herself – go to university.
Parent to parent
Parent to parent Right Arrow
As a single parent, Helena Martyn had a few money questions when her son, Tom, headed off to Uni. She’s delighted with how things have gone.

Your First Day At Beckett

Watch our video to get a feel for what moving into accommodation and settling into university life is really like. We caught up with new students as they arrived at our Halls of Residence, met roommates for the first time and got to know each other at a specially arranged Welcome Party.
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"I think university is ideal in terms of preparing your child for leaving home. They get an opportunity to experience being independent." Lee Stone, Parent
Clearing - how to be prepared
Clearing - how to be prepared Right Arrow
If your son or daughter don’t get the results they’re after, stay positive, there is help at hand.
Pre-enrolment online module
Pre-enrolment online module Right Arrow
Help your son or daughter prepare for University study by supporting them through our online module.
Settling into uni life
Settling into uni life Right Arrow
Are they ready to fly the nest? Here is a little advice on helping to ensure they can hit the ground running at university.
Empty nest syndrome
Empty nest syndrome Right Arrow
For them it's a new adventure, you however, may find yourself affected by 'empty nest syndrome'. Dr Steve Taylor, Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Leeds Beckett talks us through it.
Parent to parent
Parent to parent Right Arrow
Rachel Parkes provides some tips to help prepare your son or daughter for leaving home. 
Meningitis vaccine
Meningitis vaccine Right Arrow
If your son or daughter is going to be starting university soon and is 25 or under, they will be eligible for a Men ACWY vaccine to protect against meningitis.

                   Make sure your son or daughter                     is ready for life in halls

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