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Student Support

Support when they need it

Most students take to university life straight away. However, if you ever feel your son or daughter would benefit from some extra help or advice, here at Leeds Beckett University we have a number of services in place to provide the support they need.

Priscilla Preston, our Director of Student Services, addresses some of the common questions parents ask us.

How will I know if my son or daughter is okay?

The first thing to say is that if anything does go wrong for your son or daughter, the support is here to help them.

Try not to worry if they haven’t been in touch for a while – they’re most likely to be so busy settling into university life that they’ve forgotten to return your call. If you can, arrange a regular time to call them to keep in touch. Text messaging is also a quick way to keep in touch if they are busy.

If my son or daughter needs support, who will be there to help?

Should they require any help during their time with us there are a number of contact points available. Whatever the issue might be, we have people on hand who they can talk to.

Student Liaison Officers are recent former students of our University who can provide advice to your son or daughter. They can make quick referrals to all the services we offer such as financial guidance, wellbeing (including counselling), disability and spiritual support. Each student also has a Personal Tutor and Course Leader who they can discuss any concerns with.

Student Hubs (located on both our campuses) are a great first port of call for any advice and can direct your son or daughter to the service that best suits their needs.

What if my son or daughter is too scared to contact someone about wellbeing support?

An appointment with a member of our Student Wellbeing Team can be arranged online to raise any concerns in a more anonymous fashion prior to a face-to-face meeting. The website also offers access to many useful self-help tools.

In accommodation our halls managers and residential staff are on hand to help and will contact the Student Wellbeing Centre if they feel your son or daughter would benefit from extra support. Friends in halls can also get in touch if they are concerned about a roommate.

Priscilla Preston, Director of Student Services

Useful Tips

Priscilla Preston

1. Preparation

Prepare yourself for the drop-off day. It can be quite emotional, so think about the practicalities of getting home. Take a break before driving if you’re on the verge of a good cry.

2. Cook books

Get them a few decent cook books. A great website to get started in the kitchen is www.beyondbakedbeans.org.

3. Passport photos

A few passport pictures of your son or daughter will come in handy. As will their National Insurance number, passport and copy of their birth certificate and qualifications if they’re looking to work while they are here.

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