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Students Hiking

Academic Advantages

  • Gain a fresh and international perspective on your studies
    Discover new insights and gain a more comprehensive perspective on your academic studies.This unique international perspective could help you stand out to employers when applying for a job.
  • Challenge yourself in a different academic environment
    Enhance your adaptability and problem solving skills by challenging yourself in a different academic environment, culture and lifestyle.
  • Broaden your skills
    Gain new experiences, new networking opportunities, and new outlooks which will enhance your existing skills and knowledge.
  • Learn a new language
    Immerse yourself into the local culture and learn a new language. Being multilingual looks great on a CV and shows you are a versatile, mature and an excellent learner.

Career Advantages

  • CV with an international edge
    Many employers actively seek graduates with international experience. It demonstrates independence, resilience, adaptability, cultural awareness and ambition. 
  • Establish a network of professional contacts
    Studying abroad is an excellent opportunity for you to establish professional contacts from around the world.
  • Increase international job prospects
    Not only will studying abroad help to increase your job prospects back at home, it will help you to find a job overseas – a terrific preparation for the global employment market.
  • Priceless cross-cultural communication skills
    Further develop your cross-cultural communication skills – a valuable skill in this globalised market.

Personal Development

  • Develop an awareness and appreciation of other cultures, political and economic environments
  • Make new friends from around the world
  • Explore a new part of the world
  • Practise time management and budgeting skills
  • Build confidence

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