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Alan Simson is a Chartered Landscape Architect and Urban Forester. He has gained extensive professional experience in the UK New Towns, private practice and higher education. Currently, he is a Professor of Landscape Architecture and Urban Forestry at Leeds Beckett University, involved in research, trans-disciplinary teaching and consultancy on adaptive / landscape urbanism, urban forestry and green infrastructure. He has published widely, mostly in Europe.

He has led several European urban forestry research projects on behalf of the UK and is involved in a number of international and regional initiatives / activities, including:

  • Joint-coordinator of the European Forum on Urban Forestry,
  • Lead UK member of ASEM.UF (Asian-European Meeting on Urban Forestry),
  • Head of Research and Enterprise, The Leeds School of Art, Architecture and Design,
  • Chair of the White Rose Forest (a Leeds city region green infrastructure / urban forestry initiative),
  • A Director of Concourse, the Leeds Centre for Art, Architecture and Design,
  • Member of the Quality Places and Spaces Sub-Committee of the Leeds Property Forum,
  • Member of Leeds Sustainable Development Group,
  • Member of the Construction Industries Council Regional Committee,
  • Member of the Forestry Commission's Regional Advisory Committee 2001-2009,
  • Manuscript reviewer for Elsevier, Springer-Verlag and Routledge,
  • Member of the Editorial Board of two international journals, and a Reviewer for four others.

Selected Publications

Journal articles (4)

Chapters (3)

  • Simson A; Krajter Ostoić S (2016) Landscape Urbanism and the Building of Sustainable Futures. In: Building Sustainable Futures. : Springer International Publishing, pp. 247-269.
  • Simson AJ (2005) Urban Forestry in Europe: Innovative Solutions and Future Potential. In: Konijnendijk CC; Nilsson K; Randrup TB; Schipperijn J Urban Forests and Trees. : Springer, pp. 479-504.
  • Simson AJ (2005) Design of Urban Forests. In: Konijnendijk CC; Nilsson K; Randrup TB; Schipperijn J Urban Forests and Trees. : Springer, pp. .

Conference contributions (5)

  • Simson AJ (2010) The Value of Trees Oxford, UK 20/10/2010.
  • Simson AJ (2010) The conflicts encountered with incorporating 'nature' into the expanding urban forest in the UK Tulln, Austria 25/05/2010.
  • Simson AJ (2008) The Dalby Forest Project - incorporating urban values and aesthetics into a Regional Centre of Excellence for sustainable economic activity Hämeenlinna, Finland 28/05/2008.
  • Simson AJ (2007) The importance of seeking out and responding to woodland heritage cues when developing new, viable urban forestry initiatives for post-industrial landscapes Gelsenkirchen, Germany 16/05/2007.
  • Simson AJ (2005) Can urban forestry assist with banishing the urban blues? Celje, Slovenia 10/05/2005.

Conference proceedings (peer reviewed) (2)

  • Simson AJ (2012) Telford New Town-the Forest City re-visited: lessons for the future of urbanism?. In: The IUFRO Conference 2012. Forests for Cities; Forests for People - perspectives on urban forestry governance Zagreb, Croatia 27/09/2012 00:00:00. : , pp. .
  • Simson A (2010) Trees in the Post-Industrial Landscape and the Writing of the Third Poetry. In: PLACE / Royal Geographical Society Annual Conference University of Leeds, Leeds, UK . : PLACE, pp. .

Lectures (1)

  • Simson AJ (2015), The Emerging Role of Urban Forestry in the New European Urbanism
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