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Dr Tom Muskett

About Dr Tom Muskett

Tom joined Psychology Group in July 2016 as a Senior Lecturer in Critical and Developmental Psychology.

Following an undergraduate Psychology degree, Tom trained as a speech and language therapist. Tom's interest in critical psychology was fostered when working clinically and in research roles within services for children and adolescents with mental health and learning difficulties. These interests and experiences led to a PhD which involved application of critical approaches (primarily discursive psychology, combined with ideas from critical disability studies and social studies of childhood) to rethink the representation and treatment of children with a diagnosis of autism.

More recently, Tom has become particularly interested in the application of a range of critical psychological approaches and viewpoints in order to develop inclusive, dialogic and socially just methods of teaching practice within universities. Tom is an Inclusivity Champion for the School of Social Sciences, and is the Disability Liaison Officer within the Psychology Group.

Current Teaching

Tom currently teaches on the following modules on the BSc (Hons) Psychology programme:

  • Growing Up in a Social World (first year - core)
  • Lifespan Development (second year - core)
  • Critical and Philosophical Issues in Psychology (third year - core)
  • Critical Psychology in Practice (third year - elective)

Tom also teaches the Lifespan Development first year module on the BSc (Hons) Speech and Language Therapy programme.

Tom supervises undergraduate and Masters level research projects in the areas of critical psychiatry and mental health, community psychology, and critical developmental psychology.

Research Interests

Tom is currently working on two threads of collaborative research:

  • With Dr Michelle O'Reilly (University of Leicester, UK) and Dr Jessica Nina-Lester (Indiana University, US), Tom is contributing to a programme of work that applies discourse analysis approaches (primarily conversation analysis) to examine, and in some cases re-think, interactions involving children with autism. Current work is focusing on the examination of diagnostic practices during professional-family interactions within child and adolescent mental health services.
  • With Dr Tom Campbell (University of Leeds, UK), Tom is developing a genealogical investigation of the links between "autism" and "dyslexia" as two specific, but historically connected, psychological impairment categories.

Selected Publications

Journal articles (8)

  • O Reilly M; Lester JN; Muskett T (2015), Discourse/Conversation Analysis and Autism Spectrum Disorder. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, vol. 46 (2), p. 355-359.
    View Repository Record
  • O'Reilly M; Lester JN; Muskett T (2015), Children's claims to knowledge regarding their mental health experiences and practitioners' negotiation of the problem. Patient Education and Counseling, vol. 99 (6), p. 905-910.
    View Repository Record
  • Cameron H; Muskett T (2014), Recognising Autism Spectrum Disorders in Primary Care: Perspectives of Speech and Language Therapists. Child Care in Practice, vol. 20 (3), p. 313-328.
  • Muskett T; Body R (2013), The case for multimodal analysis of atypical interaction: Questions, answers and gaze in play involving a child with autism. Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics, vol. 27 (10-11), p. 837-850.
  • Muskett T; Body R; Perkins M (2013), A discursive psychology critique of semantic verbal fluency assessment and its interpretation. Theory & Psychology, vol. 23 (2), p. 205-226.
  • Body R; Muskett T (2013), Pandas and Penguins, Monkeys and Caterpillars: Problems of Cluster Analysis in Semantic Verbal Fluency. Qualitative Research in Psychology, vol. 10 (1), p. 28-41.
  • Muskett T; Body R; Perkins M (2012), Uncovering the dynamic in static assessment interaction. Child Language Teaching and Therapy, vol. 28 (1), p. 87-99.
  • Muskett T; Perkins M; Clegg J; Body R (2010), Inflexibility as an interactional phenomenon: Using conversation analysis to re-examine a symptom of autism. Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics, vol. 24 (1), p. 1-16.

Books (1)

  • O'Reilly M; Lester JN; Muskett T (2017) A Practical Guide to Social Interaction Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders. The Language of Mental Health . London: Palgrave Macmillan.

Chapters (3)

  • Muskett TA (2017) Popular education in practice: a case study of radical educational praxis in a contemporary UK university. In: Muskett TA Trade Union Education: Transforming the World. Oxford: New Internationalist, pp. 216-227.
  • Muskett T (2016) Examining language and communication in autism spectrum disorder - in context. In: Muskett T Re-Thinking Autism: Diagnosis, Identity and Equality. : Jessica Kingsley Publishers, pp. 300-317.
  • Schäfer H; Muskett T (2015) Interlocutor Influence on the Communication Behaviours Associated with Selective Mutism. In: Schäfer H; Muskett T The Palgrave Handbook of Child Mental Health. : Palgrave Macmillan UK, pp. 500-518.

Conference contributions (1)

  • Campbell T; Muskett TA (2016) Genealogies of dyslexia and autism University of Aston 20160907. : .

Other (1)

  • Muskett TA; Sandle R; Gillborn S; Jankowski G (2017), Chicken or egg, theory or action? A critical rethinking of how we do things in psychology. Qualitative Methods in Psychology Bulletin(24), p. 51-55.
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