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Dr Paul

Paul primarily uses field recordings in his site-specific practice. Together with photography he produces compositions for public galleries. His work focuses on wildlife in urban and suburban locations, and decaying and renovated industrial buildings and recording historical sites. His field recordings are being used in educational video games, installations, popular music compositions, performances and as demonstrations of how wildlife and human populations co-exist. His work has been exhibited/performed across the North of England, from Crewe, Leeds, Hebden Bridge and Bradford, and also in Germany and America.

Paul Ratcliff is an artist who uses field recordings in his practice and a lecturer in music and sound. He has worked on creative projects using field recording, audio editing, art-installations and performances. He specialises in city soundscapes, urban wildlife, ruined and renovated industrial buildings, and historical site recording. 

Field Recording, Music in Context, Music Production Practice and Creative Practice Portfolios 

Selected Publications