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Dr Matt Barlow

About Dr Matt Barlow

Matt's main interests relate to sports performance particularly in marine sports; however he has also researched and worked in childhood obesity, exercise participation and health.

He enjoys providing sports science support and has provided support to national and international swimmers as well as the British Junior Surfing team. Matt also has experience in providing physiological support to athletes and teams in triathlon, rowing, running, sailing, mountain biking, mountaineering, rugby and football.

Current Teaching

  • Level 4 Personal tutor.
  • Level 4 Scientific foundations of human movement and physical activity.
  • Level 4 Foundations of physiology SPEX.
  • Level 5 Personal tutor.
  • Level 5 Professional development SPEX.
  • Level 6 Applied physiology of sports performance.
  • Level 6 Personal tutor SPEX.
  • Level 6 MIS supervisor.
  • Level 7 Essentials of exercise physiology.

Research Interests

Matt's current areas of research include, body composition, supplementation, physiological assessment and performance analysis.

Selected Publications

Journal articles (10)

Conference contributions (11)

  • Barlow M; Wilson T (2013) The effects of six weeks breath hold training on the extent of mammalian diving reflex and heart rate variability during facial immersion with apnea Preston, United Kingdom 20130903. : .
  • Cracknell D; Barlow M; Burton F; Dismore H; Hardwick M; Cowan J; Bridge N; Pahl S (2010) Does participation in leisure-time activities within the marine environment impact upon environmental attitudes and values? Bristol, UK . : .
  • Burton FL; Barlow M; Dismore H; Snelling D; Hardwick M; Cowen J; Souch L; Bridge N (2010) Participation in land and marine based activities within the South West of England: Findings form a pilot study . : .
  • Barlow MJ; Findlay MF; Gresty K; Cooke CB (2009) Oral creatine supplementation has no significant effect on body composition, repeated upper body anaerobic power and competition performance in club level surfers Leeds Metropolitan University, Leeds, UK . : Taylor & Francis.
  • Barlow M; Findlay M; Gresty K; Cooke C (2008) Can physiological indices of fitness predict competitive national rank in high performance junior British surfers? Estoril, Portugal . : .
  • Doyle LD; Barlow M; Miles J (2008) Prediction of 500m Kayaking performance and anthropometric characteristics in recreational kayakers Bedfordshire . : .
  • Barlow M; Findlay M; Gresty K; Cooke C (2008) Anthropometric measures and prediction of competitive national rank in male high performance junior British surfers Brunel University, London . : .
  • Barlow M (2007) The effect of ad libitum fluid intake on fluid balance during surfing Chichester . : .
  • Edgar E; Barlow M (2007) Diving Bradycardia: cardiovascular response's in marine sports participants Chichester . : .
  • O'Hara JP; Seims AL; Thomas AL; Barlow M; Cooke C (2006) Physiological support for the Everest west ridge expedition Wolverhampton . : .
  • Barlow M; Cooke C; Radley D; Gately PG (2005) Calibration of the stayhealthy (inc) RT3 triaxial accelerometer for assessment of energy expenditure in obese and overweight children Vancouver, Canada . : .

Theses or dissertations (1)

  • Barlow M (2013), The Effects of Anthropometrical, Physiological and Environmental Factors on Surfing Performance
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