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Dr Andy Daly-Smith

Dr Andy Daly-Smith
Contact Details
Dr Andy Daly-Smith

Senior Lecturer

Carnegie School Of Sport

0113 81 26296 a.daly-smith@leedsbeckett.ac.uk

About Dr Andy Daly-Smith

Andy is a Senior Lecturer in Physical Activity and Behavioural Science. His research focusses on impact and feasibility of physical activity interventions for children and young people.

Andy has over fifteen years of teaching, research and course management in higher education. He has led the design and delivery of a range of degree programmes, the most recent being the Sport, Physical Activity and Health degree. Passionate about developing highly skilled graduates for employment in the physical activity arena, Andy currently leads the YMCA vocational qualifications fitness centre at Leeds Beckett University. While studying toward their degree, students are able to gain additional vocational qualifications as part of their degree, therefore enhancing their employability.

Andy’s teaching focusses on improving physical activity in children and young people. He leads a range of module which develop a student’s understanding of the science, programme design and delivery for interventions to tackle the physical inactivity epidemic. He works with students in schools to design and deliver innovative programmes to improve physical activity during the school day. These focus on the development of fundamental movement skills and the design of physically active learning interventions.

Passionate about improving physical activity levels for all, Andy currently co-leads the Yorkshire and Humber Physical Activity Knowledge Exchange. Connecting over 240 practitioners, researchers and commissioners from over 50 different organisations, YoHPAKE plays a significant role in improving physical activity in the region. The purpose of the organisation is to support research informed practice though connecting key stakeholders and ensuring faster knowledge transfer.

Current Teaching

  • Leadership of Physical Activity for Children and Young People
  • Applied Exercise Teaching
  • Physically Active Learning

Research Interests

Andy's is developing national and international partnerships on research focussed around three core themes: (1) to understand the segmented day physical activity patterns of children and young people (2) to investigate the impact of acute bouts of physical activity on cognition and academic performance in children and young people and (3) the feasibility and impact of school-based physical activity interventions for children and young people.

With a specific interest in physically active learning, Andy is working with a range of national and international partners. Working in partnership with Cambridge University, Andy is developing a secondary school physically active learning intervention. This work follows on from research into teacher perceptions of active learning in primary schools. Andy specialises in deploying high quality research designs in translational settings. Examples of this work include the evaluation of the Tagtiv8 physically active learning programme and the evaluation of the Redcar and Cleveland Pedometer Programme. Andy is currently coordinating a team of researchers from across the UK to write a future directions paper for physically active learning This work will set guidelines for future intervention design and support practitioners and researchers alike in the implementation and evaluation of physically active learning interventions.

Selected Publications

Journal articles (27)

  • Daly-Smith A; Quarmby T; Archbold V; Routen A; Morris JL; Gammon C; Bartholomew J; Resaland G; Llewellyn B; Allman R (2019), Implementing physically active learning: Future directions for research, policy, and practice. Journal of Sport and Health Science
    View Repository Record
  • Daly-Smith A; Morris JL; Hobbs M; Mckenna J (2019), Commentary on a recent article on the effects of the 'Daily Mile' on physical activity, fitness and body composition: addressing key limitations. BMC Medicine
    View Repository Record
  • Gammon C; Morton K; Atkin A; Corder K; Daly-Smith A; Quarmby T; Suhrcke M; Turner D; van Sluijs E (2019), Introducing physically active lessons in UK secondary schools: feasibility study and pilot cluster-randomised controlled trial. BMJ Open, vol. 9
    View Repository Record
  • Quarmby T; Daly-Smith A; Kime N (2019), 'You get some very archaic ideas of what teaching is...': Primary school teachers' perceptions of the barriers to physically active lessons. Education 3-13, vol. 47 (3), p. 308-321.
    View Repository Record
  • Morris JL; Daly-Smith A; Defeyter MA; Mckenna J; Zwolinsky S; Lloyd S; Fothergill M; Graham PL (2019), A Pedometer-Based Physically Active Learning Intervention: The Importance of Using Preintervention Physical Activity Categories to Assess Effectiveness. Pediatric Exercise Science, vol. 31 (3), p. 356-362.
    View Repository Record
  • Daly-Smith AJ; Zwolinsky S; Mckenna J; Tomporowski PD; Defeyter M; Manley A (2018), Systematic review of acute physically active learning and classroom movement breaks on children's physical activity, cognition, academic performance and classroom behaviour: understanding critical design features.. BMJ Open Sport Exerc Med, vol. 4 (1), p. e000341-e000341.
    View Repository Record
  • Hobbs M; Daly-Smith A; McKenna J; Quarmby T; Morley D (2017), Reconsidering current objectives for physical activity within physical education. British Journal of Sports Medicine
    View Repository Record
  • Hobbs M; McKenna J; Morley D; Daly-Smith A (2014), A case study objectively assessing female physical activity levels within the National Curriculum for Physical Education. European Physical Education Review, vol. 21 (2), p. 149-161.
    View Repository Record
  • Pringle A; Zwolinsky S; McKenna J; Brown P; Daly-Smith A (2014), Initial effects of a free swimming pilot programme on the physical activity levels of young people. Public Health, vol. 5
    View Repository Record
  • Hind K; Torgerson D; McKenna J; Ashby R; Daly-Smith A; Truscott J; Mackay H (2014), Developing Interventions for Children's Exercise (D.I.C.E.): A pilot evaluation of school-based exercise interventions for primary school children aged 7 to 8 years. Journal of Physical Activity & Health, vol. 11 (4), p. 699-704.
    View Repository Record
  • Greatwood HC; Daly-Smith A; McGregor S; McKenna J (2013), Year 7 dietary intake: a comparison of two schools with middle-high socio-economic status.. Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics, vol. 26 (6), p. 563-569.
  • Zwolinsky S; McKenna J; Pringle A; Daly-Smith A; Robertson S; White A (2013), Optimizing lifestyles for men regarded as 'hard-to-reach' through top-flight football/soccer clubs.. Health Educ Res, vol. 28 (3), p. 405-413.
  • Pringle A; Zwolinsky S; McKenna J; Daly-Smith A; Robertson S; White A (2013), Delivering men's health interventions in english premier league football clubs: Key design characteristics. Public Health, vol. 127 (8), p. 716-726.
  • Robertson S; Zwolinsky S; Pringle A; McKenna J; Daly-Smith A; White A (2013), 'It is fun, fitness and football really': a process evaluation of a football-based health intervention for men. Qualitiative Research in Sport, Exercise and Health, vol. 5 (3), p. 419-439.
    View Repository Record
  • Zwolinsky S; Pringle A; McKenna J; Daly-Smith A; Robertson S; White A (2012), Associations between sitting time and the prevalence and clustering of lifestyle risk factors in men.. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, vol. 44 (5)
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    View Repository Record
  • Daly-Smith AJW; McKenna J; Radley D; Long J (2011), The impact of additional weekdays of active commuting to school on children achieving a criterion of 300+minutes of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity. Health Education Journal, vol. 70 (4), p. 428-434.
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