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Bringing to life the reality of reporting doping in sport

Ground-breaking research by academics at Leeds Beckett University has been brought to life in a new video examining doping in sport.

Athlete on starting blocks holding relay baton Academics from the Carnegie School of Sport joined forces with Leeds School of Arts' Northern Film School to make their latest research on the process of reporting doping in sport more accessible and easier to share.

The research, conducted on behalf of the World Anti-Doping Agency, found that fewer than half of athletes and coaches felt their sport encouraged them to report doping.

To help promote the findings, Dr Kelsey Erickson, Dr Laurie Patterson and Professor Sue Backhouse from the Carnegie School of Sport collaborated with film producer Laura Torenbeek from the Northern Film School.

Professor Backhouse said: “The short film is grounded in real events and the lived experience of courageous individuals who reported on doping in sport.

“It evokes a deeper understanding and appreciation amongst the global sporting community of what it takes to speak up to protect the integrity of sport.

By bringing the narrative of the courageous act of reporting on doping into a broader consciousness, the researchers hope the film will prompt relevant sporting bodies to review their whistleblowing policies and procedures and ensure that, where necessary, reforms are made to improve the experience of those who act to protect the integrity of sport and the welfare of athletes and support personnel.

Professor Backhouse added: “Let’s recognise those who shine a light on doping in sport because they are not snitches or a betrayers, they are integrity lumieres.”

Over the last 15 years researchers from the Carnegie School of Sport have worked closely with anti-doping organisations from across the world, providing evidence and expertise to support doping prevention programmes.
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