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'Copying' Exhibition Catalogue

Cover of the exhibition catalogue


01.04.17 - 30.06.17


Kaja Marczewska, Simon Morris & Valérie Steunou

Copying is often denigrated as an activity. However, several important thinkers have recognized the value of copying the words of others. The precedents are undoubtedly there, throughout history. What distinguishes copying today, however, are the digital tools and the networks of the internet, which make possible shifting large chunks of language from one place to another in an instant. In the digital age heaps of language – to borrow from Robert Smithson – are reorganised, remediated and reconstructed all the time. In the process, the distinction between the writer and machine is becoming increasingly blurred.

Start copying what you love. Copy, copy, copy. And at the end of the copy, you will find yourself.

Yohji Yamamoto