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The Carnegie School of Sport runs a lively and exciting programme of events. In addition to our Open Days and Applicant Days, the programme includes a wide variety of activities such as seminars, research carousels, conferences and lectures, providing a great forum for Knowledge Exchange.

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Prospective students and applicants please click to book an Applicant Day or Open Day.

All of our seminars are free to attend but we ask that you please confirm your attendance via the Eventbrite link within the event information below. If you have any questions about our School's events please contact our School of Sport Office

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[{"title": "carnegieXchange Rethinking Health Experiences and Active Lifestyles: Chinese students in the UK","description": "Dr Pang’s research on Rethinking Health Experiences and Active Lifestyles: Chinese students in the UK is the first ever 2-year project funded by the European Horizon 2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship Grant at Leeds Beckett University.","start": "2019-5-28 16:00:00","end": "1-1-1 16:00:00","url": "/events/school-events/carnegiexchange-rethinking-health-experiences-and-active-lifestyles-chinese-students-in-the-uk/"},{"title": "carnegieXchange - Active Ageing in Health and Disease: Translating Research into Practice","description": "Following the success of the Research Based Innovations in Healthy Ageing Symposium ( ), the SARCA group (Carnegie School of Sport, Leeds Beckett University) is hosting its first Symposium on Active Ageing in Health and Disease.","start": "2019-6-24 16:00:00","end": "1-1-1 16:00:00","url": "/events/school-events/carnegiexchange-active-ageing-in-health-and-disease/"},{"title": "carnegieXchange: Footbal in the Community","description": "Although the health benefits of physical activity are well established physical inactivity levels continue to be a public health concern.","start": "2019-6-25 16:00:00","end": "1-1-1 16:00:00","url": "/events/school-events/carnegiexchange-footbal-in-the-community/"}]


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