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Vlog cooking a student friendly meal by Katie Molly and Katie

Vlog | Cooking a Student-friendly Meal

Hi, We're Katie, Molly and Katie and in this vlog we cook a huge toad in the hole for four people for just five pounds!

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Vlog money saving tips

Vlog | Money Saving Tips, by Keely

Hi, I'm Keely and I want to share my best money saving ideas with you.

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Vlog feeding four people for five pounds

Vlog | Feeding Four People for Five Pounds

It's student vlog time! This one comes from Katie, Molly and Katie who are showing how to create a tasty meal for 4 people. for just £5.

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How to save money by Ben

How to save Money

Hi, I'm Ben and I've got some tips on how to save your money as a student in Leeds.

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Money saving tips for students by Molly

Money Saving Tips for Students

Hi, I'm Molly and I want to give you some tips for saving money while you're a student here in Leeds.

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