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My journey from Clearing to graduation by Gaz

My Journey from Clearing to Graduation

Hi, I’m Gaz and I recently graduated from Leeds Beckett after studying Computer Forensics and Security. I originally came through Clearing and now, after achieving a first class honours I’m just about to start my Graduate job at BT. This is my experience of Clearing and studying at Leeds Beckett.

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The types of people you need to be friends with by Abbie

The Types of People you need to make Friends with at University

Hi, I'm Abbie and here's my list of people you're guaranteed to meet at university, and why you should be friends with them.

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Getting involved at Leeds Beckett by Ben

Getting involved at Leeds Beckett

Hi, I'm Ben and and I want to share a few ideas for how you get socially involved at Leeds Beckett.

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Ideas for breaking the ice with your housemates by Em

Ideas for breaking the Ice with your Housemates

Hi, I'm Em and I want to talk to you about how to bond with your new housemates at university.

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Five questions people usually ask before uni by Em

Five Questions People usually ask before Uni

Hi, I'm Em and I want to answer (from my experiences) five questions which people commonly ask before university.

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What to do if you're worried about making friends by Dorothy

What to do if you are worried about making Friends

Hi I’m Dorothy, and I’m going to provide my top tips for making new friends when you start uni!

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Vlog making friends at university

Vlog | Making Friends at University

Hi, I'm Matt and I want to share some tips for settling in and making friends for life at university.

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Getting the most out of your halls experience by Ben

Getting the Best out of Halls

Hi, I'm Ben and here are my tips for making the most of your time in halls.

Ben Thomas student ambassador Ben
Reflecting on my first few months by Molly

Reflecting on my First Few Months

Hi, I'm Molly and I want to talk about my experience of settling in here at Leeds Beckett.

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Leeds Beckett friendship stories, by Becky

Leeds Beckett Friendship Stories

Hi, I'm Becky, and I have a collection of heart-warming friendship stories from our students here at Leeds Beckett.

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How to settle into a new city, by Chloe

How to settle into a New City

Hi, I’m Chloe and I want to share with you my advice for settling into a new city.

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