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Introducing your Residential Officers

Find out more about your Residential Officers, also known as ROs. They're the team to go to if you have any problems whilst staying in accommodation.

Introducing your Residential Officers

Your Residential Officers (ROs) are your main contact if you have any problems whilst staying at Leeds Beckett. They are experienced, dedicated and professional and are there to make sure you have an amazing time here.

No doubt you will see them walking around in their signature yellow t-shirts! They are based at Marsden House, Arena Village, Kirkstall Brewery, Carnegie Village, Sugarwell Court and Woodhouse Flats.

They can help you with an array of things, including:

  • Settling into halls life
  • Organising an event at your halls
  • Getting involved in your residences community
  • Helping sort out any problems in your halls


Arena Village

Location: Arena Village Reception

Opening hours: Open Monday - Thursday.

Amy: Monday 6 - 9pm and Tuesday to Thursday 4 - 7pm.

Jonny: 4.30 - 7.30pm every day. 

Your ROs: Amy Van Boolen and Jonny Houghton
RO Email Inbox:


Carnegie Village

Location: Swale Reception

Opening hours: Every Wednesday 4 - 7pm.

Your ROs: Deklon Brown

RO Email Inbox:


Kirkstall Brewery

Location: The Tower Reception

Opening hours: Monday - Friday

Deklon: Monday 6 - 9pm. Tuesday 4 - 7pm. Friday 3 - 6pm.

Sian: Monday & Wednesday to Friday 5 - 8pm.

Jordan: Monday to Wednesday 4 - 7pm.

Your ROs:  Deklon Brown, Sian Gilmartin-Green and Jordan Tabor

RO Email Inbox:


Marsden House

Location: Marsden House Communal Area (close to A block entrance).

Opening hours: Monday - Thursday.

John: 6 - 9pm every day.

Kyle: Monday, Wednesday & Thursday 4 - 7pm. Tuesday 6 - 9pm.

Your ROs: John Kennedy and Kyle Peel

RO Email Inbox:


Sugarwell Court

Location: Bishopdale Ground Floor

Opening hours: Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 5.45 - 8.45pm.

Your ROs:  Norman Chan

RO Email Inbox:


Woodhouse Flats

Location: Block C, Ground Floor.

Opening hours: Every Wednesday 5.30 - 8.30pm.

Your ROs:  Norman Chan

RO Email Inbox:


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