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Where can I find out today's menu?

Visit the food court on either campus to find out what food is available.

Every day, the Food Court offers you great value with its £3.00 'Deal of the Day'. The Food Court also celebrates every festival with seasonal food and special offers.

What are the different food and drink outlets and opening times on campus?

All out outlets and opening times are listed here.

What is a food card and how can I get hold of one?

The Leeds Beckett University Food Card ensures you always have funds for food. You just top up credit on the card throughout the year, then use it at any of our University restaurants or shops. To find out more, or to purchase please click here.

Does the University sell Fairtrade products?

The University provides a range of Fairtrade products. Look out for packaging which carries the Fairtrade logo. This guarantees a better deal for third world producers.

I have a comment or complaint, who should I contact?

We would love you hear from you, please leave us a comment here.

How do I find out what ingredients are in my food?

Please ask a member of staff before you order your food if you would like to know more about our ingredients and we will be happy to help.

Terms and Conditions FAQ

Reward Card FAQs

What is the Beckett Food & Retail Reward Card?

Your Reward Card offers fantastic rewards and savings when spending money in any of our University food and retail outlets (excluding Student Union outlets).

Simply flash your Reward Card to; collect points which you can use as credit, enjoy exclusive monthly offers and get every 10th hot drink free! You can also add cash to your card to make even bigger savings, top up between £20 and £500 to get a 5% credit boost or add over £500 to get a 10% boost. That’s not all…every year on your birthday we’ll also give you a free slice of cake!

How do I get a Reward Card?

Pick up your Reward Card from any of our outlets, you have the choice of two colour designs so just pick your favourite! Once you have your card go to and register your card, our team will aim to activate it ASAP but please allow two working days. To check it is activated give your Reward Card to our team at the till during your purchase to test it is activated. Your Reward Card will then automatically start collecting rewards and give you access to all our exclusive offers.

If you are struggling to activate your card and it has been two working days since you registered then email us at

Where can I use the Reward Card?

Your Reward Card is valid in all our University food and retail outlets, a full list can be found here. It cannot be used at any Student Union outlet. Please note, loyalty points cannot be accrued on merchandise.

Do I need credit on my card to get loyalty rewards?

No, just show your card to our staff at the tills and you’ll get all the loyalty rewards i.e. loyalty points, free hot drinks, awesome monthly offers and a birthday treat.

How do I collect and redeem points

Points will automatically be accrued on each purchase, you can see how many you have collected by checking your receipt or asking our staff at the till.

To redeem points either visit the till or visit and request for them to be converted to credit. Please allow 2 working days for your points to be converted to credit if redeeming them online, you can then spend the credit on your next visit. Who said there’s no such thing as a free lunch?

Are points collected cumulatively?

Yes, points are accrued cumulatively meaning for every £1 you spend you will get 3 points.

For example, on a visit you spend £1.50 which you will get 3 points for, on your next visit you then spend 50p, on this purchase you will get 3 points because over the two transactions you spent another £1.

What products are excluded from points?

All merchandise products are excluded from the loyalty points offer.

How do I get my free slice of cake on my birthday?

Happy Birthday! To get your free slice of cake just take your Reward Card and some photo ID with your date of birth on it to one of our outlets where your cake awaits (don’t forget your party hat!). Don’t forget to tweet us your birthday treat @BeckettFood or share with us on Facebook /BeckettFood. Ask in store for details on which cakes are included in the offer on your birthday.

How do I get my 10th hot drink free?

Put your card away, this one’s on us. Each time you buy any hot drink your Reward Card will keep track of how many drinks you’ve bought. Once you reach your 10th hot drink your Reward Card will automatically give you it for free.

Please note, when purchasing a hot drink as part of another offer this will not be counted towards your 10th hot drink, unless otherwise stated on our offers pages or on our marketing materials e.g. posters or flyers.

I still have an old hot drink stamp card, can I use it?

The old paper stamp card has been replaced by our NEW Reward Scheme offer and therefore is no longer valid, if you have outstanding stamps though bring your card in to outlet and our staff will happily swap it for a free hot drink.

On the Reward Scheme your card will track every hot drink you buy, automatically gifting you your 10th hot drink free!

How do I add credit and what are the benefits?

To add credit simply pop along to the till or visit Adding cash to your card helps you make even bigger savings as we’ll give you extra credit.

Get a 5% credit boost – Add between £20 & £500 to your card for a 5% credit boost.
Get a 10% credit boost - Add £500 or over to your card for a 10% credit boost.

Is there a minimum top up amount

The minimum amount you can top up is £10, top up over £20 though and get a 5% credit boost!

Can friends of family add credit to my Reward Card?

Yes, just give them your Reward Card number and tell them to visit They will need to initially set up an account on our online store but then can add credit by adding in your Reward Card number.

How can I check how many points or credit I have?

You credit or points balance can be viewed on your till receipt or by asking our team at the tills.

How do I find out this month’s awesome offers?

Visit our website, keep an eye out for our monthly newsletter in your inbox or keep in touch via social media:


Social Media: Follow us on Facebook and Twitter

There’s a problem with my Reward Card, what should I do?

Contact the CARES help desk on 0113 812 8585 or email 

What do I do if I lose my Reward Card?

Contact the CARES help desk on 0113 812 8585 or email

I cant find an answer to my question who should I contact?

Email or get in touch with us on social media on Facebook or Twitter

I forgot my Reward Card, can I still get my points?

Of course! Just ask at the till for an itemised receipt and either send a photo or scan of your receipt to or on Twitter @BeckettFood. We'll then add your points to your account, nice and easy! 

 If you haven't got access to a PC then just post your receipt along with your name and card number to: Reward Card, G31, Queen Square House, City Campus, LS2 8NU.